Why use Sandblasted or Frosted Glass

In today’s time, because of technology, you have wider options than you used to. Indeed, if you have the money, you can have everything that you want. Unlike before when even if you have the means, some of what you want is not available. Like when you want more privacy in your own home, if before you only have curtains to choose, now you can choose shutters not only as window treatments but also for your doors. And another thing aspect that can also help you in maintaining privacy and can even enhance your place is the use of opaque glasses like frosted glasses. A frosted glass is achieved through the process of sandblasting or acid etching. This is done so that the glass will look blurry or cloudy and not only that, you can even make designs through the process by covering those parts with paper so that they will remain clear and will then be formed into the designs you want.

So, why use these types of glasses for your windows, doors or even office partitions? Why not just use clear glasses? If you are curious, check out below the benefits of using these opaque glasses:



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– By using sandblasted glasses, you will have more privacy. Actually, privacy is the main reason why they are used. As a matter of fact, they are termed as privacy glasses. This is also the reason why they are used in areas were privacy is needed like as partitions in bathrooms, in dental clinic, in offices and many other places where privacy is required.

– The second reason is aesthetics. Since sandblasted glass can be incorporated with different designs, it can add beauty to the partitions making it look innovative and unique. The thing is, you can even choose your own designs as any design will be possible.

– Then another benefit is its minimal maintenance. All you need to do is wipe the sandblasted glass with a clean cloth just like what you will do with a clear glass. You can also use wet cloth to effectively wipe off the dust as water can’t hard the sandblasted glass.

– Sandblasted glass can be installed just everywhere like as window panes, or window panels, partitions like as what is mentioned above in areas where privacy is needed and even just for aesthetic reasons, for your doors and just many other places. It can even be used just for enhancements like as table top, in vases and so on.

– And most of all, they are durable. They are expected to withstand the usual wear and tear thus you can be sure that they will be of use for quite some time.

So, if you want privacy and you want to enhance your place at the same time, use sandblasted or frosted glasses not only for your windows, and doors but also as partitions in your bathrooms and many other areas. Check out online for their suppliers and availability.