Installing your bathroom vanity?

Your bathroom vanity is the centre piece of your bathroom and you must make sure that the design and materials complement your bathroom. A professional bathroom installer will help you in selecting the correct size and design to suit your bathroom.

Installation experts can guide you on addressing tricky issues by suggesting placement and orientation tips. Many potential problems may escape your eye but your experienced installer is sure to spot the flaws.

You may think that you can handle the vanity installation yourself and can question the need for hiring professionals.

However, the truth is DIY kits makes the process look simpler than it really is. In reality, installation of bathroom vanities Melbourne needs the services of multiple professionals.

Make Use of the Walls

Attach cabinets along one of the walls. This keeps a lot of floor space free and provides additional storage space for items. You may keep extra towels and other back up supplies in the upper shelves. Keep aside a lower compartment for medicines within reach of your hands. You may get cabinets customised for your personal requirements.

The Bathroom Door

An ordinary door with hinges takes up valuable space in a small bathroom. It is a sensible idea to consider a sliding door while designing theĀ bathrooms Sydney for your home. You will get an extra space to install a towel rod in the space beside the door.

A little bit of imagination and planning can set up an effective storage scheme in your bathroom. Acquire bathroom vanities, cabinets and other accessories to sort out the essential and back up items in the bathroom in an organised manner.