Which Professionals Can You File a Claim?

A law dictates that a professional owes a ‘duty of care’ towards his client, and any professional who is found wanting in this regard, or is seen to have breached this code of conduct, can by law be sued for professional negligence. Though most of the times we hear of professional negligence cases in relation to doctors and medical practitioners who have been accused of medical malpractice, there are many other instances in which a professional can be sued for his negligent behaviour towards his client. Professionals who can be sued for professional negligence include:

  • Accountants, insurance brokers, tax consultants, and financial advisors– for delivering bad financial advice to the client which can result in huge financial losses for the client
  • Architects
  • Legal professionals like solicitors, and Professional Negligence Lawyers – for failing to represent the client properly, or failing to carry out their legal duties towards the client in a questionable manner
  • Medical practitioners and doctors including dentists  – for performing a dental procedure without the patient’s informed consent
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
Police Malpractice

You are vulnerable to become a victim of police abuse, should you require help of police, or someone is trying to trap you in wrong or manipulated cases. Police malpractices can be of many types. For an instance, police might arrest you without arrest warrant and other documents, they might ask unreasonable or disgusting questions from you, or they might maintain undue pressure on you to accept a crime which you have not done etc.