Which Is Better Between Free to Air or Pay TV?

Sport is not only a huge genre for you, but also a huge opportunity to make money for the channels. Free to air channels have an added protection called the Anti-Siphoning regulation which allows them to air important Australian sporting events. This may initially feel as if it works well in the favour of the consumer but does it?

Free to air channels have limited budgets and need all the money they can to run the show. And in the process a lot of compromise is made at the cost of the viewer’s time. Other format shows such as the reality shows and laughter shows are allowed to run over time, thus delaying the telecast time of sporting events.

So called live coverage’s on free to air channels sometimes have a time lag of up to half an hour. Viewers who choose to purchase pay TV do not have to undergo such trouble thanks to their digital antennas that receive and showcase the signal almost instantly.

Technology at your disposal

Most pay TV providers have come up with amazing innovations such as pause a live match and then start from the point you paused. Or in case you are going to be busy in that annual meeting of yours and wouldn’t like to miss that very important match as well, you can schedule recordings and then watch it later. Free to air does not allow you to enjoy this luxury simply because you wouldn’t have the digital antennas and supporting gadgets to perform the recordings.

Having a digital antenna in no way blocks out free to air channels. Choosing pay TV means that you can enjoy both free to air channels and pay TV channels.

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