What to Choose for Your Home Theatre – TV or Projector?

If you are planning to invest in a new home theatre system then it pays to consider the different types of available models or the choice between TV’s and projectors before making your choice. Although in most cases people decide to make the choice based on prices, in reality there are several other influencing factors.

Projectors are ideal for big sized rooms

If you are placing your home theatre system in a big sized room you could possible consider installing a projector instead of a TV. A complete blank wall to project TV shows and movies on will actually make for a much better viewing quality.

Although most people think that projectors are a lot more expensive, in reality projectors are actually less expensive than an average sized television set. In fact, it can make better sense to invest in a projector based home theatre system for your master living room or TV viewing room while using a small TV in your inner room.

Consult a professional home theatre installer for better advice on the matter before making a decision.

Better image quality

Projectors are not a common choice yet however, they can provide a better and much enhanced viewing quality than most TV’s. New age TV’s are either built with LCD screens or similar technologies. Although the general viewing quality will be a lot clearer than most older TV’s in certain cases it may be pixelated too.

On the other hand, projectors do not pixelate image quality because it uses light to project images on any kind of surface. On the whole, a good home theatre system with a good quality projector may actually do the trick.