What is General Cleaning

General cleaning is done on a weekly basis, monthly basis or whenever cleaning is badly needed. If you will avail the service of general cleaners, they will provide you with an impeccable result and you will be smiling with pride because your home or office is smelling good and clean again. The general cleaners offer plenty of general cleaning services for homes, offices, and even restaurants and other service-oriented companies. The general cleaners will even provide you with a free consultation as to which areas in your home or office are in need of cleaning done by the professionals. Listed below are the various cleaning services of the general cleaners:


House general cleaning services

The general cleaners will provide all the cleaning equipments such as mops, rags, vacuum cleaner, among others. The cleaning solution that they use to polish the floors, to wipe the windows, to remove stains, to clean and scrub floors are all environment-friendly and have no strong scent. It is all up to you if you prefer partial or full cleaning of the house. The general cleaners will also wash and fold your clothes. They can come to your home on a weekly, bi weekly or once a month basis.

Office general cleaning services

The general cleaners will clean all office walls and get rid of all the ink stains. They will wipe all office equipments with mild cleaning agents but will effectively get rid of all the germs and bacteria. All the rubbish will be thrown away. The general cleaners will also clean the carpets and upholsteries. The toilets will be scrubbed and even remove all black spots on the grout. The office will look very clean, tidy, and professional looking.

Water damage general cleaning services

Interior flooding can happen anytime due to broken water pipe and too much rain. You can call on the general cleaners to suck out all the water and clean the entire place. The general cleaners will clean all the floors and will remove the moldy smell from the carpets and upholsteries.

Carpet and rug general cleaning services

The general cleaners will remove all the dirt and allergens from your rugs and carpets through the most advanced method in carpet cleaning. They can use either dry or wet method of carpet cleaning. The stains will be removed as well as the moldy smell of the carpets.

Avail the service of general cleaning Adelaide and make your office or home a better place to work or to live.