What is a Casino Party and Are they Legal?

People down the ages have been indulging in merriment and revelry and celebrating major events of their lives like weddings, birthday and marriage anniversaries according to their needs and budgets. Only the modes, approaches and styles have changed. In the past few years casino parties have become very popular.

The best thing about a casino party is that it gets everybody involved as participants get a kick out of winning jackpots even if it’s make believe. Fun casino nights have become all the rage in a wedding reception, corporate event, bar mitzvah, birthday party and even in an exclusively social get-together.

What does a casino party entail?

If you have ever been to any of the numerous casinos lined across the boulevards of Las Vegas, Miami or Macau you must have seen people huddle over several tables placed almost everywhere across a huge room.

This room is the gambling centre and people play different kinds of casino games like Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack, Russian Roulettes and so on. Croupiers attend every table that hand out dices, chips to players and tell them to place stakes or bets. Depending on your luck you may come home a millionaire or become a pauper overnight.

Winners usually collect fake dollars and the biggest winner of chips is usually awarded a prize that could be a key ring or a memento embossed with the company logo or the name of the event and so on.

The event is licit as long as no monetary or cash prizes are awarded. Prizes are provided for by the event organizer and awarded on a random draw of lots.

Don’t forget to hire a catering service to prepare and serve your food for this event.