What Does Video Production Entail?

A video production company is based on a digital platform of the highest quality. Such a company offers a wide range of services such as: video production, creation, video spots, movie trailers, documentaries, vlogs, corporate filming.

The post processing is also based on digital platform – Final Cut Studio, allowing the final export of the highest quality materials. Now let’s see some of the most asked questions on video production.

  • How long does it take to produce a presentation movie?

Completing a video presentation depends on the type of creative concept and video production. For example, for a multinational company, it can take between two and six weeks, from pre-production until the delivery of the final version of the film. It can also vary on customer availability, production type, location, language versions etc.

The total time for making a video production includes: pre-production meetings (creative concept, scenario development, locations, casting, filming, planning, etc) + filming + post-production (editing, voice over, effects, animations, etc.) + assembly + version revised by the client. Usually the time for a video presentation can be adapted according to specific needs.

  • What do you get in the end?

A video production Sydney company can produce a video presentation with images offered by the client, with just post-production services (video, voice over, music, animations etc.) or a full service video production, including capturing images and photographs to complement the material provided by the client.

  • What format will you get?

The final movie will be given in two formats: a digital file with full HD quality and a version with lower quality (website, Youtube, Vimeo) or presentations for projections (mov, mp4). If the customer wants a final version in another video format, it can be provided at no additional cost.

  • Can the video be produced in multiple languages?

Of course. For a version in another language, the text must be translated, to adjust the audio recording in the studio with the video images for that version. This takes usually a week and the cost depends on the length of the film and the language.

  • Can the business operate normally while filming?

The company can continue to operate smoothly. The video services company takes care of all the technical and production of the film, but always respects the company’s activities and staff. With good planning made between the customer and the production team, any disruption can be avoided and offer a final product of excellent quality.