Wedding Catering

Make sure you have a nice limousine to bring you to the reception wherein guests expect you to have a grand entrance. Check out wedding limousine hire Perth. Don’t keep your them waiting far too long after the wedding ceremony is over or else you’d find them rushing to the drinks counter. Consequently, they’d be in state of stupor by the time they start filling their plates with the main menu.

They won’t be able to tell the fillet mignon from the barbecued salmon.

Arrange to have a delectable array of salads comprising canapés, cucumbers, fennels, olives and oranges and topped with fried prawns or chicken lollipops. Well-known wedding catering services have the experience and the knowhow on what items to include during the different courses and when to serve a particular course. See  Sydney wedding catering.

It is important to hire a catering service as they will fix everything for you.

Plan meticulously and well in advance

If the festivities have been planned quite early on, right in the morning, then arranging for a breakfast is perfect, provided the partying goes on till late afternoon. The main course or the entree can be laid out after the festivities are over.

If the ceremonies have been scheduled in the evening then arrange for serving the appetisers and the main course with at least a two-hour interval. The desserts should be served when it’s time to bid adieu.

Keep a varied fare

If prawns and shrimps are there in the starter course, do not include them in the main course. Or if you have soufflé in the main entree then do keep pudding as an item in the desserts course. The idea is not to repeat ingredients in any of the courses. Most wedding caterers would be able to give you good recommendations on planning an impeccable menu.