Wake Boarding History

Wake boarding is similar to skate boarding or snow boarding. Wake boarders perform several manoeuvres and jumps for the thrill of adventure. It is fast becoming the most popular form of water sports.

Proud of what he had created, Finn named the surfboard as the ‘Skurfer.’ The whole trick involved the surfer standing on top of the skurfer, while the boat pulled on in the water, and the rider did the surfing tricks.

Modern Day Version

Over the years, the sport of wake boarding has been replete with a lot of changes, and is far more secure than in its primitive days. Now the wake boards come equipped with fastened boots placed on them, and the riders have to place their feet inside.

This new innovation was masterminded by Finn himself, during the summer of 1985. Finn attached foot-straps on the wakeboard, and this was done so that the ride would not fear falling off, and focus more on the technique. Modern day version includes Liquid Force wakeboards.

The Hyperlite

That’s the name of the first wake board which was industriously manufactured by a sport company named Herb ‘O Brien. The development was spearheaded by Brien himself.

As the name suggests, as the wake board was light in weight, it was easier to immerse in water. On the other hand, there was also a slightly heavier version of the same.

It helped the rider lift himself off the water. The Hyperlite saw a lot of unique tricks and stunts by the riders. Another groundbreaking moment came when the riders introduced a street-course, with the help of ramps and rails.