Use of Rainwater Tanks in Schools

With growing awareness to save water, schools have actively started storing water in rainwater tanks. In schools the consumption level of water is extremely high. Installing a rainwater tank has many benefits.

First, the school will see a significant reduction in their water bills. Second, students come together when involved in the process of storing and reusing of rainwater. Third, students will learn to use water effectively and understand the environmental importance of saving water. Schools use rainwater from rainwater tanks for many purposes.

In the restroom

One place that needs constant water is the restroom in schools. Sports students shower and clean after a match or students after their gymnasium class. Students can take bath with the recycled rainwater. Water tanks that store the rainwater should be channelled to the toilets for flushing and cleaning the restrooms

In the school

All schools appoint janitors to clean the classes, the walkways and the staircase in the school. If the school is very big and has more than two floors, then you need a lot of water to clean it. In addition, if the school has hostel for children, then the hostel maintenance includes cleaning and mopping the floors. Schools can depend on the rainwater for cleaning purposes.

In the school canteen

Washing dishes and cooking at the school requires water. The canteen staff can use the rainwater from the rainwater tanks to wash the dishes and clean the vegetables. Schools also have treated rainwater for drinking. Students can drink treated and recycled rainwater from the water fountain.