Types Of Water Heaters

Storage type water heaters have huge tanks where water is stored and heated. These can be fuelled by oil, natural gas, electricity and propane. But these are the least efficient of all types as water is stored even when not being used. This leads to heat dissipation from the water and it has to be re heated for the next use.

Also, the installation needs loads of space for keeping the storage tank. But the advantage is when there is a huge requirement of hot water; it is available in bulk and very quickly because of the tank. These come in capacities from 20 to 80 gallons and more.

Demand water heaters

These types of water heaters are essentially tank-less and heat water as and when required. These are more energy efficient and save a lot of fuel. All that is required to be done is turn the hot water faucet on and hot water starts.

This is a big advantage over storage type which requires waiting time. But the initial installation cost is more and also there is reduced water flow. Fuel source plays an important role in this case and you need to be careful in choosing it during installation. See Plumbing Brisbane

Gas, electric, oil and solar water heaters

These water heaters differ majorly in the type of fuel source used. The plumbing installations are more or less the same. Solar water heater has a completely different installation requirement. You can use a solar water heater if you live in a area that is sunny most of the year. Solar water heaters are highly efficient. Hire a plumber if you need someone to do the installation.


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