Types of Carpet Cleaning Services

There are several methods on carpet cleaning and choosing the right one for your carpet usually depends on your carpet’s material, how your carpets are being used, if there are pets and kids in your house, and if there is someone who has allergies. This is mostly the reason why it is recommended for individuals to just hire Sydney carpet cleaning services rather than doing the deep carpet cleaning themselves. There are typically five methods of carpet cleaning and these include steam, foam, shampoo, dry, and bonnet carpet cleaning. No matter what method will be utilized, it is a must that carpets should first be carefully vacuumed.

  • Steam Cleaning – is considered to be the best carpet cleaning method. The carpet cleaners would utilize a certain machine which would inject a mixture of detergents and hot water into your carpet. After injecting the solution, it will now be powerfully removed or pulled out by the machine. Through this, it would leave your carpet look like brand new again with additional fresh scent. But the most significant thing during the steam carpet cleaning method is it strongly eradicates the dust, dirt, and allergens found in your carpet flooring.
  • Foam Cleaning – is a combination of dry and shampoo carpet cleaning method. It utilizes just a small volume of water and foaming detergent which draws out the dust and dirt particles from your carpet. By the time the foaming is properly done, it will now be carefully vacuumed, pulling out the excess water, dust, and detergents.
  • Shampoo Cleaning – is commonly known as the carpet cleaning that is not very effective when it comes to getting rid of dusts and dirt particles. This method normally make use of cleaning agents or detergents which are put on your carpet and will then be agitated with the use of a machine. Once these steps are done, the shampoo will now be sucked out from your carpet through the use of vacuum. The cleansing agents utilized often have deodorizers and brighteners which is capable of leaving your carpet look and smell good. But most of the dusts and allergens are often not extracted and would soon formulate again.
  • Dry Cleaning – is commonly known as the most preferable carpet cleaning method as waiting for the carpet to dry is not necessary. This cleaning method is done through sprinkling a particular carpet powder which is created to draw out dusts like how magnets do. By the time powdering is done, it will now be extracted through using a vacuum.
  • Bonnet Cleaning – is generally done just in commercial establishments. This carpet cleaning method is not really recommended to use in carpeted houses as it is created primarily to restore or sustain the surface of industrial carpets instead of deep cleaning. This procedure can also possibly damage the fibers which most house carpets are made of. Additionally, this kind of carpet cleaning method is done through putting chemical cleansing agents to your carpet and utilizing a shampoo machine with an absorbent pad to get rid of dusts.