Tips to take care of your newly polished timber floor 

You have invested a lot of time and resources in getting the timber floor of your home polished and it now looks better than new. You would obviously want it to look this beautiful forever and following some easy maintenance tips will actually help you in attaining your objective.

How to maintain your timber floor

There are four different kinds of timber floor polishing finishes, each requiring slightly different kind of treatment when it comes to maintenance. It is advisable to know exactly what sort of cleaners and products to use on your floor from Timber floor polishing Brisbane in polishing your floor.

For example you should know beforehand that if your floor is coated with polyurethane based solvent finish, it’s bound to darken with age because of a natural chemical reaction with light. However for general maintenance you can attach protective pads to the undersides of your chairs and tables so that your floor is protected from scratches.

If you have already fitted castors to the bottom of your desk chairs you can try using floor mats at all entry points of your home to minimise damage. Sunlight is the number one culprit when it comes to damaging wooden furniture and floors so keep your interiors protected from harsh sunlight by dark blinds and heavy curtains.

Getting a matting system installed to remove grime and moist dirt from the feet of random guests entering your home is also a good idea. Get the claws of your furry little pets trimmed regularly so that your floors stay safe.


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