Tips to Follow when Removing Old Wallpaper from your Child’s Room

Getting rid of the worn out wall paper from the children’s room is a terrible job. It is not only time-consuming but messy too. You must know how to set out on the arduous journey or otherwise you might get frustrated.

Take the advice of Handy man Gold Coast to make the job easier and swifter. Following the given guidelines might help you to accomplish the job efficiently. They can mitigate the possibilities of damage considerably

Make Provisions to Keep the Floor Dry

Attach plastic to the framework of the baseboard and let it overlap on the floor. Place the tape snugly to create a watertight effect. The plastic used for draping must be given a second layer of protection. Use towels to soak the extra moisture. The trickles of water on a wall can cause damage.

Take added care of the woodwork and the floor. The walls must be made bare. Take off the switch plates and outlet covers. Make sure to have adequate light in the work area. Use plastic gutters to save the floors.

Remove the Facing

Start tearing the facing from one corner of the ceiling. Putty knives can help you to give the requisite fillip. These knives can help you to easily take off the edges. An angular position of 45-degree is always suggested for pulling back the paper. Old papers can come off in small pieces. Start tearing off the facing with an even force. The entire process does not demand the presence of water.

If you face any difficulty, it is always advised to take the assistance of a scoring tool. Do not ignore this step and jump to the next.


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