Tips to Compare the Different Kinds of Paper Quality before Choosing For Office Use

Papers are simply irreplaceable in an office. Whether for writing down a few important notes to creating official proposals to share with the clients, papers are used every single day. Though printing of emails and other documents every now and then has come down, papers are still used for a lot of things. Before purchasing office or school paper supplies from your vendor, you should compare different kinds of paper quality before choosing for office use. Papers differ in brightness, thickness, quality, texture and size and are used for different purposes. Here are a few tips which will help you compare different types before finalizing on something.

Daily use

If you are using papers to take notes, note down minutes of meeting, to share something with your colleague quickly, to make calculations or other less important things, you can use papers which are low in quality. Comparison should be made based on how important the work is. You can have less bright, thin and small sized paper for daily use.


If the purpose is to print something on a paper, comparison should be done based on different parameters. You should check for the purpose. E.g. if you are using the paper to print images, flyers, brochures, product images etc, you should look for papers which have gloss or satin finish, are thick, strong and bright.

If the purpose is to take a print out of some document for reference, or just to share it with someone and take their signature, you can opt for regular printing paper. In such cases, you can take your attention off other features like brightness and finishing.

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