Tips to buy digital Television

The television industry is on the brink of a major shift as analogue television is slowly being eroded out by the advent of digital television. Digital television offers you the chance of experiencing better picture quality, good surround sound and the ability to experience the charms of a movie experience in your home. However buying the perfect digital TV for your home will require you to consider several factors.

Size does matter

The biggest mistake that most people do is to buy a screen that is too big or too small. A small screen in a big room will not allow you to experience the charms of good sound quality while a too big screen will dwarf the room. A 24 inch screen size will be ideal for the bedroom while a 43 inch screen is preferred by most homeowners for their living room. Recently prices have dropped die to increasing supply and vastly improved technology. Most homes have more than one digital television sets now so think carefully about which room to put your TV into.

You have to measure the distance of sitting couches from the TV set. Sitting too close to the television set will actually harm your eyes. If you buy a 17 inch screen you should sit at a distance of 3 times the TV screen from the screen. Remember to convert inches into meters before you work out the equation.

In case you have decided on wall mounting then you should pay particular attention to the placement of the ports. You should be able to connect cables from under the bezel.

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