Tips for Writing a Demand Letter after a Personal Injury

When you are involved in an accident and are thinking of claiming compensation for it, it is important to draft a proper demand letter. Every insurance company will require documented evidence of the injury or cause of accident to process the claim. Writing a demand letter is not like writing any other letter. Every demand letter should follow a particular format and include relevant details of the accident or injury. You can always seek the professional advice of compensation lawyers and use their advice to your benefit.

Precise details of your injury

Whatever be the nature of your injury, it is important to include the precise details of the personal injury in your demand letter. However, when you so it is necessary to stick to facts and keep your wording simple.

Keep in mind that the insurance company will be reviewing claims and compensation applications from a large number of people. No agent will have the time or patience to read too many details of your injury. It is enough to mention the kind of injury, seriousness of it and cause in brief and precise points only.

Financial loss due to injury or accident

Include all details of your medical expenses and cost of fixing damaged goods in the demand letter. If you are eligible for the claim then the company should typically pay you for medical expenses and cost of repairing personal goods. Seek the advice of Compensation Lawyer Sydney regarding what items or expenses can be claimed before you include it in your demand letter.