Tips for Taking Care of Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

The use of glass splashbacks for the kitchen has become immensely popular. Splashbacks are available in a virtually unlimited range of colours and designs.

The whole wall area is laid with a single piece of glass. Glass kitchen splashbacks are relatively easy to clean since there are no joints, as in the case of stone or ceramic splashbacks. The following tips may be adopted for taking care of glass splashbacks.

Allow Time for Curing

Silicone, which is a sealing agent and special kinds of adhesives are used for fixing the glass splashback behind the kitchen counter. These require some time for gaining binding strength. This may range from one day to a week. It is advisable to allow at least twenty four hours after the installation and then use the kitchen. Exercise caution while using the area for the next few days.

Regular Cleaning Routine

Glass kitchen splashbacks tend to show up water stains and fingerprints easily. Wiping the surface regularly will preserve its looks. It is prudent to use a very mild liquid detergent. A harsh cleaner might damage or discolour the silicone seals. Use a small amount of the cleaning agent. Wipe off the surface using a slightly damp cloth. The cleaning cloth should not be abrasive in nature. The use of scouring pads is not recommended. Wipe the area from one end to the other. Repeat until all traces of the detergent are gone. Wipe off with a dry cloth or a paper towel after cleaning for a perfect finish.