Tips for Operating and Maintaining Forklifts

Before you begin using the equipment on any kind of terrain or roadway, it is important to check basic features. The lighting, ventilation, cables, power lines, surface texture of pathways, traffic, pedestrian presence are examples of some aspects that need to be checked. This will help ensure that the surrounding area is fit for forklift use.

Focus on safety

While operating forklifts in public areas or even at the workplace, it is important to adhere to certain safety rules. These include checking that drivers wear their seatbelts, that they observe road signs carefully, that they obey speed limits and keep within the range and that they wear goggles and other essential protective gear all the time.

Besides general safety measures, the focus should also be placed on general operative aspects. For instance, drivers should be cautioned against turning fast on roadways and slopes, they should be told to use the horn often; they should exercise caution while getting on and off the forklift as also while switching the equipment on and off. This should be considered on forklifts.

Never overuse the equipment

Once you begin using the equipment, try to use for a couple of hours at a time but never continuously for an entire working day. Not only does the driver need short breaks constantly, the equipment too needs a pause. Plan the work in such a way so that both the operator and machine are given halts. This will increase the life of the equipment. However, once every few days would be ideal in case the machine is used very frequently.