Tips for Brewing a Plunger Coffee

There are various different kinds of coffee beans and coffee drinks. As someone who prefers a cup of coffee to start the day with everyday, it helps to understand more about the various common types of brews.

Not only will this help you experiment with different kinds of coffee drinks at the home itself, you will be in a better position to test the services and brews of your local coffee shops too.

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Choose the bean well

It doesn’t take an expert to state the fact that the type of brew or its taste finally depends on the essence and type of bean. There are several different kinds of beans to choose from. For each kind of brew or flavour, you will need a different bean.

Typically, plunger coffee works best when brewed with freshly roasted beans. The strong aroma and taste can only come out in the plunger coffee if the bean is fresh and up to the mark after all.

If you aren’t sure how to identify a freshly roasted bean, you can ask a professional coffee shop owner for help. Alternately, you can learn more about freshly roasted beans yourself. The typical signs of a freshly roasted bean include a strong aroma, hard exterior, darker than usual colour, etc.

The key to a good brew lies in the right measure. Too much coffee will make the drink too strong. Too little won’t have the desired effect. Furthermore, every regular coffee drinker has their own taste preference when it comes to their preferred choice of coffee.

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