Things to Keep in Mind when Shipping Technical Gadgets from the USA to Australia

There could be a lot of reasons about why you need shipping from USA to Australia. Maybe you are shifting base to Australia or probably you are shifting some appliances to a person living in this country. Whatever the reason might be, there are some very specific guidelines you need to keep in mind while transferring your appliances. Here are a few points you should look into.

Take care of voltage requirements

Appliances are generally very sensitive to fluctuations n the voltage flow. In Australia the voltage operates at 240 volts. Make sure that the specific appliances which you plan to ship can work well at this voltage flow. If the appliances are unable to operate or operate with risk, then you need to buy a transformer. You obviously wouldn’t want to be in a situation where all your appliances are already shipped and then you get to know that they won’t be working in Australia. Avoid getting unpleasant surprises by being better informed. Try the express freight service instead!

Charges and Surcharges

The budget is probably the aspect which made you choose a sea freight  as a mode of appliance transport rather than air freight. So you should make sure that you get the best deal possible on shipping your stuff. This means that you will actually have to take quotes from about 5 different service providers before selecting one. Make sure that the quote you get is inclusive of packaging, storage, total cost of shipment and custom fees too.

Remember that all appliances being shipped to Australia will be inspected by customs officials. Read the prohibited items list on the Australian customs website and make sure you avoid transporting any such item to Australia.