Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring a Civil Contractor for Earthworks Purposes

The failure and success of your major engineering or civil projects depend to a large extent on the type of civil contractor you select. Whether it’s a mining project, a civil construction project or major earthworks project, you must hire the right type of contractor if you want your desired result within a stipulated timeframe. That is why it is vitally important for you to evaluate multiple bidders for a particular job and assess them on certain essential criteria before taking a decision.

Criteria of Comparing Multiple Bidders

While evaluate multiple bidder, you must evaluate each of them on their organizational structure, managerial capability, technical expertise, infrastructure strength, financial solvency and previous experience on similar project. All these are equally important indicators of the capability of a particular civil contractor.

Earthworks Contractor

Technical Expertise

This goes without saying but the civil contractor you select must have the technical expertise and experience to complete the project correctly and on time. Do keep in mind that expertise and experience should be evaluated on the basis of similar jobs and not general projects. For example, if you have a mining project at hand then your contractor must have expertise and experience of successfully completing mining jobs previously and not just general civil competence.

Infrastructure Strength

Another major area to check would be the infrastructure strength of the civil contractor you are about to hire. The contractor should have all necessary equipments and machineries such as excavators, bulldozers, hydraulic hammers, tip trucks, compactors, earthmoving equipments, water trucks, trailers, vibrating rollers, dump trucks and so on. All machinery must be self-owned and serviced regularly by qualified plant mechanics.

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