Things to Consider before Installing an Air Conditioner at Your Home

If purchasing an AC unit leaves you confused and dumb founded (because of the sheer variety of features and brands and models currently available), wait till you have to install that air conditioner in your property. You cannot purchase and plant your outdoor condenser unit just about anywhere as there are proper rules you need to follow regarding air conditioning installation.

Noise Levels and Separation Distance

You have to consider many other things before an air conditioning installation in your property. There has to be a minimum separation distance from the outdoor condenser unit to your property boundary. Other factors to consider are output noise level and background noise level. You can find out the output noise level from online product brochures or from the information posted on the side of the unit in the manufacturer’s label.

Suppose the noise output of the machine you are going to purchase for your home, located in a residential neighbourhood, is 60 decibels. But the permissible residential noise level is 40 decibels. In that case, you may have to look for another brand or another model that won’t breach the law.

Sometimes, consumers are asked to install a less powerful and quieter Air con machine that complies with the rules and regulations of your neighbourhood. Otherwise you may have to hire an acoustical engineer for designing a sound proof enclosure that will minimise the noise to a compliant level. Under no circumstance can the background noise level exceed 50 decibels.

Air Conditioning installer provides tips to improve the performance efficiency of your air conditioning system. These tips, if followed correctly, can help reduce your energy expenditure.