The Methods That Are Commonly Used By Professional Carpet Cleaners

Carpets are a great addition to the interior decoration of any living space. Besides the fact that they create a great esthetic look, carpets offer heat insulation and trap dirt that could otherwise be transferred to the furniture and walls of a home. When choosing someone to help you with carpet cleaning in meridian, you will have to think carefully about the quality of the service the carpet cleaners are offering. Below are some of the commonly used methods when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Steam carpet cleaning

This method involves a steam cleaning machine that makes use of a vacuum and cleaning solution. The cleaning solution and steam are released deep into the fabric of the carpet. This ensures that all the dirt has been removed. It is also a great way of removing any stains that could be forming on the carpet. The thing that you have to bear with about this method is the fact that the carpet will take several days to dry up completely after a cleaning. Besides that, it is a very effective way of cleaning the carpets.

Shampoo cleaning

This is another popular option with all the carpet cleaners. The machine used in this method is known as a rotary floor machine or simply a floor buffer. The cleaning method here involves mixing the carpet shampoo as per the manufacturer’s instructions. A pre-treatment with vacuum cleaner can be made in order to eliminate any debris. This makes the shampoo cleaning process much simpler.

Spot cleaning

This is more of a preparation than a cleaning method. It is generally applied in order to remove stains such as gum, rust and others from the carpet before the general cleaning can begin. Spot cleaning is best done when there is an all purpose stain remover.

Dry carpet cleaning

This is great for commercial areas. It does not require the carpet to be removed from the floor. A bonnet pad is attached to the floor buffer machine. Carpet shampoo is then used to remove all the dirt and other particles that could be present on the carpet.

These are some of the most common methods that are employed by professional carpet cleaners. It is important to take time and select the professional that will be handling your rugs carefully. Note that upholstery is very delicate. Most of the times, when carpets tear or accumulate mold, it is because someone mishandled the cleaning. Clean My Carpets Australia recommended great methods in cleaning, the rugs will last very long.