The Features of Pest Inspection Services

For protecting the standards of service of the average consumer, Australian standards have developedAS4349.3 which has all the documented standards which a professional Pest inspections Melbourne should adhere to.

The total time spent for inspecting the property should be between 1-2 hours. The time taken will vary according to the construction type, size and condition of the property. All areas which are accessible will be inspected and the results will be documented in a formal report. However, the property inspector should be given proper access to the property. For example for inspecting the presence of timber pests, unrestricted access to all timbers in a particular house is needed.

The report which is produced at the end of the building inspections should contain advice on the condition of the property and the future risk potential from this. Information should be included on which conditions are particularly conducive to pest attacks and the steps which can be taken to protect the house/building.

The presence of any old damage which has been accumulating for years should be reported as well as current termite activity. Before any chemical treatment is started, the pest inspection agency will let the client know of any precautions or possible side effects.

A lot of pest inspections agencies specialise in termite inspection. However it is wiser to choose an agency which covers termites, borer, wood fungi and all other pests. Though termite infestation has gained a lot of media coverage, the other forms of pest infestation are equally damaging.

Pest control service should be done on a regular basis.