The Difference between Using OEM Parts and Aftermarket Parts in Caravan Insurance Repairs

In the unfortunate event that your caravan gets involved in a vehicular accident, you will most likely need to have it repaired. Caravan insurance repairs means you have to decide whether you go for aftermarket parts or OEM products.

If you are faced with this dilemma, you have to remember that most insurance companies require their clients to opt for the aftermarket parts because they are a lot cheaper. Manufacturers say that there is not much difference between the two where quality is concerned. The difference is that your insurance company will most likely not reimburse you for the costs of the repairs if you use the OEM parts.

When you use aftermarket parts for your caravan insurance repairs, your insurance company will give you a 100% refund. If you insist on using OEM parts because of their quality, the refund you will get is smaller than if you used aftermarket parts. The difference can be a considerable amount of money. This is because OEM products used in caravan insurance repairs are two times more expensive than aftermarket parts.

OEM companies argue that aftermarket parts do not go through the necessary quality control procedures unlike OEM parts. As a result, aftermarket parts are less safe than OEM parts. The IIHS or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety contradicts this argument by OEM companies. They say that caravan insurance repairs using aftermarket parts are as safe as those done using OEM parts.

The only disadvantage you will get in using the aftermarket parts during caravan insurance repairs is that your vehicle will decrease its resale value. If you think you will be selling your vehicle in the future, using aftermarket parts is not a good idea.

You need to decide which of the two you will choose. The decision on whether to use aftermarket parts or OEM parts should be based on what is important to you. Most high-end vehicles require OEM parts as they also need special parts for repairs. This means that if you own a luxury class caravan, you will have no choice but should the greater part of the caravan insurance repairs bill.