The Best Denarau Island Has To Offer

Denarau Island in the Republic of Fiji, is one small and private island west of the Vitu Levu, which is the main island. Attached to the mainland through a pretty long causeway, the 2.55 km2 island is 5 km on the north western side of Nadi town. It is known for its hotels and resorts that fringe the island and its massive 18-hole Denarau championship golf course, which makes its centerpiece. The island also includes the known international chains of Westin, Radisson, Sofitel, Sheraton and Worldmark. The Denarau island accommodation is made possible by the existence of all these features. With its provision of sea transfer to the Yasawas and Mamanucas, as well as being a tourist destination for many all over the world, the need for accommodation arose leading to the development of the numerous resorts as an extension of services to those stopping over.

Denarau Island accommodation is managed by the different resorts with their varied managements. Once in a while they hold combined meetings to regulate their share of guests and thus ensure fair play for all. This is just a normal procedure that has to be followed albeit all the resorts being flocked by numerous guests.

The beauty of the Denarau Island accommodation has attracted very many social activities from parties, youth conferences, games, betting, etc. Besides these, it also hosts religious activities, some of which are normal clergy conferences. Not forgetting weddings that are held almost weekly, on Saturdays. Beautiful permanent receptions offer the best environment for the garden weddings. The high-notch restaurants add to the beauty of it all by providing an immediate stop over for the wedding guests, which can also be turned into venues for the night after-wedding party. The swimming pools, spas, high-end bars, offer newlyweds the perfect environment for their honeymoon. Hence for the frugal minded, all the activities surrounding weddings can be done within a single locality.

Foe families on getaway trips, Denarau should be the perfect place for this. All the facilities available provide for all age brackets, and boredom when in the island resorts is surely a choice. With the breath-taking hotel rooms and suites, the warm pools for night swimmers and other nice entertainment facilities available, it surely is the best. The natural green forest beside the golf course is a spot where you won’t miss addicted bird watchers.

Another important feature that makes Denarau island accommodation perfect is the existence of the Port Denarau, which contains the Denarau Marina. This is one shopping precinct that a family or a group out for a trip to the island could get anything they want. With a collection of restaurants, bakery, hairdressers, supermarket and tour operators, it offers almost all the services one would receive in a world class mall