The Advantages of Using an Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer is an exercise machine which simulates the activity of walking, upper body exercises and running. The effect is similar to a total body workout which is great for burning fat from all areas of the body. According to medical science males are supposed to have 15-20% of body fat while for females the range is 20-25%. The elliptical machine actively helps individuals in working towards getting and maintaining that ratio.

The biggest advantage of using the elliptical trainer is that you can exercise without exerting too much pressure on the joints. There is very less chance of suffering from impact injuries when you are working out in your home gym using an elliptical trainer.

The second huge advantage of an elliptical trainer is that it allows you to grade your workout and move at your own pace. The trainer will offer variable resistance to exercises and allow the body muscles to tone up gradually.

Do the back workout

The backside workout is one of the most popular forms of body toning exercises. The rear muscles are targeted by changing the incline angle of the elliptical. The backside is toned while getting access to standard cardio workouts. One thing you could do is to dig in your heels quite low on the machine in order to maximise the returns out of your workout.

Workout core muscles

All muscles in the trunk of your body minus the two pairs of limbs are the core muscles. You need to let go of both handles in the elliptical trainer so that you only use the core muscles while working out. Try and balance yourself on the machine in your home gym to get the maximum benefits.

Setting up your home gym is necessary, especially for those who have a hectic schedule. You just need to select the right equipment in accordance to your fitness goal.

Simulate treadmill exercises

You can use a running stance like the one you use on the treadmill. Just release the handles from your grip and continue striding your hands ahead in a running position. Your stride will be evened out gradually if you continue doing the treadmill exercises on the elliptical.

Do the two minute workout

The 2 minute workout consists of a short burst of intense exercises which are excellent at spiking up the metabolic rate of the body. Work out all muscle groups of the body in 30 second intervals each using your elliptical trainer.

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