Super Whatnot, One of the Best Craft Beer Bars in Brisbane

One of the best craft beer bars Brisbane is concealed at Burnett Lane, and it is considered a well-kept secret in the area.

Tourists and locals are encouraged to visit Super Whatnot, a small laneway bar that has a sense of personality to make up for its lack of size. Patrons will be treated to original and classic cocktails, a spinning array of boutique wines and craft beers, and bar food that is inspired by American dishes. With only 100 seats for the early birds, this drinking spot may not be a favourite of everybody, but that may be the point that Super Whatnot is emphasising.

There are times when people manage to find a piece of the United States in one of the best craft beer bars Brisbane. It is good for the locals since they do not have to travel far to experience a bit of America. The hole-in-the-wall pub is considered by some as “the city’s first serious laneway bar”, but does its hype live up to its reputation?

Once you enter the place, you may be in awe of how small it is. There is a limited quantity of seats, so those who are not lucky will have to stand. Regular patrons don’t have a problem with this, and it even gives Super Whatnot its charm. The club is kept inside a former beauty college, operating on a design that is split-level so that the pub is suitably placed on the middle floor.

Just like any laneway pub, patrons can expect shady and dark interiors. Instead of having a DJ and a turntable, the club employees plug in their music players to produce beats so that the area feels like you are in someone else’s house.

Since Super Whatnot is a craft beer bars Brisbane, people go here for the drinks. The bartender serves something different every time because the boutique wines and beers rotate. You can approach the friendly staff if you want a particular drink. As for the food, expect to eat American classics such as fried chicken and cornbread.