Start Your Own Curtain Cleaning Business

A lot of time and money are invested by people to find the right curtains that would make their home more beautiful. Because of this you can expect them to want to take care of their curtains and make them last a lifetime. However most do not have an idea on how to properly wash these curtain and often need professionals to do the job for them. Therefore, curtain cleaning may be one lucrative business you can try having. Here are some things you need to know and think of before you can start your own.

Target market: you have to find your niche if you want to have loyal customers who would return to you every time they need curtain cleaning. You can choose from offering services to residential homes or for commercial businesses such as schools, hospitals, theater complexes. This would often determine the number of customers you can handle at one time and the type of curtains you would receive. Theaters for example can give you stage curtains in bulk. Make sure you have enough manpower and machine capabilities before accepting such items.

Types of curtains: curtains can be made from a wide assortment of materials. Moreover, they can have different accessories that accompany them. Take these into account when buying your equipment. Washing machines with different strength and cycle settings as well as dryers with low to high heat capabilities are wise because they can handle different types of material and make sure to preserve the quality of the curtains. Moreover, you should also be mindful of the detergent you use. Some materials such as sheer cloths and silk require mild detergents while strong chemicals are needed to remove heavy stains. Make sure to stock up on them. Also decide whether you will be including dry cleaning in your curtain cleaning business.

Other services offered: aside from the actual washing of the curtains you may opt to include additional services in your curtain cleaning business. You may opt to do pick-up and delivery within a certain radius and do repairs and alterations such as replacement of the lining of worn out curtains, repairing seams, shortening curtains and installing new headers. You may also do the taking down of curtains and rehanging yourself.

Pricing: customers often go to curtain cleaners who offer their services for a fair price. Be organized in your accounting and make sure that your prices are at the competitive level. Sometimes it is good to have minimum number of items or minimum weight of laundry before accepting so as not to waste time and machine space in one client. Customers usually accept these. Again just be fair with your pricing.

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