Start as an Apprentice Chef before Becoming a Chef

You will watch the sous chef assisting the master chef and learn exactly what it takes to manage the kitchen efficiently while producing gastronomic wonders. A good chef knows how to make his dish look amazingly good and you will learn lots of food decor and designing tips from your seniors.

One day when you are running your own show the knowledge of different flavours, exotic combinations, local products and recipes will stand you in good faith and you will fully realise the benefits of having worked as an apprentice.

Ten top tips for becoming a top apprentice

Becoming a chef requires a huge investment of time and you will have to sacrifice most of your free time in the initial phase. Be prepared to invest time and energy in your career.

Be in touch with professionals who excel in the field of culinary art. Ask them questions and observe how they work. It is only by direct interaction with top professionals that you will learn to hone your skills.

Keep a notebook and pen handy and write down all recipes. Even if you think that you are going to remember all recipes you are going to forget half of the stuff in six months.

Remember that a chef has to create dishes that please the eye and warm the heart. Food doesn’t only have to be tasty it has to be visually appealing too.

Remember that a chef needs to have patience, dedication, creativity and attention in detail. Cultivate these virtues and you will see it’s paying rich dividends.

Also you have to invest for a good quality chef’s uniform because you will be using this for a long period.