Splash backs for Kitchens

Splash backs are essential in modern homes. They are used in places where the chances of water spillage are high. They are used to protect the walls from water related damage. Water penetrates the walls and in course of time, does damage, which is difficult and expensive to fix. Splash backs are used behind the kitchen sink or even in the bathroom. Although not necessary, they are also fitted behind the stove and the kitchen counters. When water or other materials like grease hit this area, the mess can be cleaned up with minimal effort.

As stylish living has become the order of the day, various options are available for the homeowner. You could also check different types of splashbacks through online stores.


Tiles are perhaps the most prevalent splash backs available. They come in various sizes, shapes, patterns and colours. Most varieties are reasonably priced. They are mostly made of ceramic, though mosaic tiles are back in fashion. Modern mosaic patterns are highly imaginative and attractive. Of particular appeal is the glass patterned mosaic. Glazed tile surfaces are easy enough to clean. The joints between the tiles, which are filled with grout, pose a problem though. Grout is a mixture of cement, sand and water. It attracts dirt over time, which is tough to clean.


Splashbacks are becoming hugely popular. The entire wall area is laid with a single sheet of glass. There are no joints. They are very easy to clean. The range of colours and patterns available is pretty vast. They render the kitchen unusually attractive. Glass however is difficult to install and remove. It requires a highly skilled glass cutter to do the job. Read Tips for Taking Care of Splashbacks