Smart Laminate Flooring Maintenance And Cleaning Tricks

Choosing wooden laminate flooring for your home is a worthwhile investment. However, beautiful as they may appear, these laminates require constant cleaning and care if you expect your floor to keep that appeal. The good thing with laminate flooring Perth stretches far than just having a natural theme for your ambiance. Even though such a floor is durable, it doesn’t mean that you neglect the right maintenance and cleaning tips.

Assess refinishing options

Your laminate floor will stand the test of time if the right precautions are in place. You need to refinish the floor to regain the shiny look if at all it appears dull. Water can cause discoloration and you need to be careful if water is your main cleaning agent. There are no guarantees that the alluring finish on a hardwood floor will last a lifetime. Once you opt for a retouch, you can choose to ban shoes, pets and have furniture stand protectors to avoid nasty scratches.

Avoid too much wax

Wooden laminate flooring that is cleaned and waxed should be checked for wax build up. If you use too much, too many times, you need to follow up with wax stripping. Too much wax over time can kill the shine on the floor. If you want excellent results you can opt for commercial wax removal agents and be sure to follow instructions.

Sweep before mopping

The top sheen on a laminated wood floor is prone to scratching and streaking. Before you get down to cleaning, always vacuum out the dust and grit on the surface. If you don’t, you will be rubbing the fine grit on the surface and it could leave behind nasty marks with time. Remember, even when you have to sweep, avoid brooms with hard bristles since they can afflict similar damage on the laminate finishing.

Test cleaning agents

Laminate flooring cleaning comes with too many cleaning agents and chemicals. Not every product in the market will yield the same result. You need to go for a comparative search while assessing what manufacturers say about their cleaning products. Before you clean the entire floor with a new product, always test it partially to see if it leaves your floor with the kind of sparkle you want.

Moderate chemical use

At the same time, you need to avoid using too much of a cleaning chemical to achieve a super finish. Too much chemical on the laminate flooring surface could end up leaving your floor with residue that can cause damage or corrosion. If the floor has to bear with excess much moisture at a time, you could be opening it up to warping. If you notice spills, it’s advisable that you dry them up as fast as possible.