Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

There are times where the air conditioning system can cause trouble in our home due to one reason: leaking water from the device. It will surely hinder you from relaxing especially if you finally want to sit or lay down after you come from a busy working day. It’s an annoyance as it will just cause mess in your room, and it will make you busy once again because you need to clean up the water. Therefore, you can really say that it will give you a lot of stress especially if you’re just came home from work.

Gladly, we have found out some notable reasons why leaking issues tend to happen, and it will surely help you out. Here are the following, along with some tips to resolve these causes of air conditioner leakages:

The Device Removes Humidity

The air conditioner tends to work in order to cool the air by removing the humid air in the area where it’s installed. Once done, it will then pull the hot air out of your home through the use of the grill installed on the back of the device. It will also send the humidity over the evaporator of the device in order to cool the air – the main purpose of using the air conditioner. This results in condensation which is why water is being formed. This water tend to go through the drain pan. But if not, probably it’s due to the drain pan being full of condensed water already.

Drain Line Clog

This is considered as the most common issue of having leakage in the air conditioner. The cause of these leakages may be a lot of dirt, some insects that might have sneaked inside the device, or due to molds that sometimes occur in certain seasons. Gladly, you can resolve the issue in a quick way through the use of a vacuum cleaner. Once done, you will notice that the leakage is gone immediately. If not, then it might be caused by a different issue.

Frozen Coils

The evaporator in the air conditioning unit can freeze sometimes. It might be rare for this to happen, but when it does, it will cause a very huge issue on the device. It can be noticed by seeing thin layers of ice that have formed due to the device’s usage. Once these thaw, it will cause serious leakage and even damage to some parts inside the unit. This can be defrosted through by turning off the air conditioner.

These are the main reasons why leakage can happen in the air conditioner. If none of these issues are the cause of the leakage, then there is a huge problem with the device, and the help of air conditioning repair Brisbane is the best choice to consider at this point.