Reasons to Use LED Lighting in your Home

If you discuss ways as to how you can save on energy, the use of LED lighting will definitely pop out. LED is acronym for light emitting diode. It was first developed during the 1960’s and it was composed mainly of semiconductor light source. The development of LED lighting was due to the need of a low intensity lights like those that are used in traffic lights. Now this type of lighting is widely used because of its many advantages. The tag price of LED may be higher compared to fluorescent or incandescent lights, but in the long run, you can actually save more money once you begin to shift to LED lighting as enumerated below:

1) LED is the most energy-efficient type of lighting that you can find in the market. LED uses ninety percent of its energy to light and the remaining five percent are converted to heat. The opposite is true in the case of fluorescent and incandescent lighting. This makes LED lighting brighter, and as a result, there is no need for you to have more artificial lights around the house. It is also worth noting that LED is safer because it is not hot to the touch as only five percent of energy is converted to heat.

2) LED is known to last longer as compared to fluorescent or incandescent light. If you think that LED lighting is expensive, then try to compute your annual expenses. It is most likely that you but fluorescent or incandescent an average of four times a year. Now if you will begin to use LED, you will not but a replacement for a long time. LED can be used non -stop for an average of 80,000 hours. Now you decide for yourself if LED is indeed expensive or not.

3) LED is tough and durable. How many times have you experienced replacing your current light bulbs due to breakage? LED lighting is not prone to such issues. No matter how strong the wind is, still, the LED will be there giving you light despite of all kinds of weather disturbances.

4) We all have to be conscious to our environment and one of the ways to do that is to begin using LED lighting. LED has no mercury traces unlike other kinds of lighting. On top of that, LED releases 68% less carbon dioxide in comparison with the other types. So be kinder to the environment by making an intelligent choice from LED lighting NZ.