Real Estate Agent Interview Questions

When you ask a realty service for references, they should openly agree to give you as many as you need. From your side, ask for a minimum of 5 references from various clients. Real estate agents may not want to give you references unless they feel that you will definitely hire them later on. 

What makes you different from the rest

During your agency interview, you are definitely going to ask them what makes them stand out in the real estate market. Look for answers related to business strategy and plans, experience, professionalism, quality of work etc. If an agency boasts about their work or clients appreciation then they probably aren’t good enough to work with. But that is not the case for real estate agents as they have years of experience and expertise.

Fees and brokerage

In most real estate agencies, fees and brokerage charges are flexible. When you ask your real estate agent services if they offer flexibility based on kind of work and size of property, look for positive answers. It is much easier to deal with Del Mar estate San Diego that offers flexible and negotiable rates as opposed to one that works on a fixed rate basis.

Team background

You have to know what kind of people from the real estate agent service will be working on your deal. So it definitely makes sense to ask them about the team’s level of professional, qualification and background.