Questions to Ask before Signing the Tenancy Agreement

For those who are moving out from one home to rent a new one for the first time, the excitement might prevail over good judgment. But this should be avoided at all costs. It is very important to look at every details of your tenancy agreement before making any decisions.

You should make sure that you understand every single clause of the agreement and realize exactly what you are agreeing to.

Otherwise, you might have to face a lot of legal issues later, owning to some mini clause that you didn’t care to notice. Take care to clarify a few things from your landlord before signing the tenancy agreement. If required, take the help of real estate property management agents for best results.

Basic terms of the lease

The first question you should ask is about your lease period. Once the lease expires, can you renew it for a year or does it then become periodical renewal? You should also ask under what circumstances the agreement can be broken and what are the costs involved with it. In order to split the rent, you might also want to get a roommate. So ask your landlord beforehand, if you are allowed to do so and know from him the legal clauses involved with it.

Maintenance sections

Generally speaking, it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide proper maintenance to your apartment even after you have taken the lease. But sometimes, you might also be expected sponsor the repair of certain minor problems or make any improvement for your own convenience.

Ask your landlord the details about such settlements. Who should you contact in order to repair something? What kind of home renovations can be made on his property? What are the cleaning conditions once you decide to vacate his property?

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