Property Settlement

Family law prior to 2009 used to recognise non financial contributions as valid when it comes to legally married couples of opposite sexes. Non financial contributions include helping out in family owned business, parenting, home making, care for elderly parents of spouse and other acts benefitting the family unit.

Post 2009 these contributions are recognized in same sex couples, de facto couples etc. De facto couples are couples who staying together for more than two year or have a child together. There are other categories of De Facto couples and family lawyers will be able to brief you about the details.

The role of family lawyers

Separation is always a painful issue and it becomes pretty ugly when both couples cannot agree on division of assets. There are several complications like unequal incomes, lifestyle needs, debts and the situation gets worse if there is the custody of a child involved.

Family Lawyers will be able to give you fair unbiased view of the situation and will also give you sound advice on how to deal with it. A quick assessment of the circumstances of the separation and your financial position is enough for them to predict what the courts’ decision will be on division of your assets.

Your lawyer will also be clear out your doubts, misconceptions and over expectations. Under the able guidance of a family lawyer you can hope to achieve a fair division of your mutual assets.

The last category of National Family law deals with the lifestyle needs and financial requirement of the individual partners in future.