Popular Casino Games to Play with Casino Table Hire 

Hiring a casino table is a sure shot way of increasing the fun quotient of your party or event. People have a natural fascination towards the charms of casino games and very soon you will see most people flocking towards the counter. Choose your games after talking to your casino table hire company about the nature of event, age of participants and preferences.

Classic Blackjack 

The number one popular game in the casino table hire games genre is Blackjack. You have to aim to get the total of your cards add up to the number 21. There is a dealer (otherwise known as the house) who starts the game by dealing at least two cards to each player. One card will be put face up on the table while the other will be put face down.

The value of the face up cards are counted and the jack, queen, king is evaluated at 10 points. Ace is counted as 11 or 1. If you manage to deal out two cards consecutively which add up to 21, you have cliched a black jack. The biggest advantage with having this game at your party is that most people are familiar with the rules.

Easy Roulette

Black jack requires a lot of thinking and is basically dependent upon the players making some intelligent choices. If you want something lighter and frothier, you can consider having roulette at your party. There is wheel with numbers from 1 to 36 and the two numbers “0 and “00” marked green.