Plumber Checklist

Ask for references of dependable plumbers from your neighbors and friends and keep the phone numbers in a small diary, which you can keep in your purse or some other convenient location. When you call up the plumber for the first time, ask about his rate clearly. Things to concentrate on are the mode of payment, emergency fees and any kind of advance payment.

Some plumbers also have a practice of charging a flat fee whether or not the problem is resolved. Ask your plumber whether he has a fixed fee or an hourly rate.

Also ask if there is a plumbing warranty on labor and spare parts. Generally, warranty on parts is given by the manufacturer while labor warranty is given by the service provider.

Get to know about hidden time lags like trips to the storehouse to collect spare plumbing parts. Ask your service provider whether he has stocked all needed parts on his truck and make it clear that you will not prefer paying for extra time needed to procure parts from another location.

Lastly, check whether your plumber will arrange for permits on your behalf. In case you need official permits for major repair work, many good plumbing services keep the option of getting those permits through their regular channels. See Plumber Hope IslandPaying attention to these simple things will save you a lot of time and hassle.

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