Your Options When It Comes To Plantation Shutters

Shutters are definitely in today especially the plantation shutters. For the top designers, they are their most favorite choice because they want to make sure that their clients will be impressed with the results of their performance. According to them, the top reasons they choose plantation shutters over other window treatments are for one they exude class and elegance, another is they spell trendy and of course convenience. Convenience because you can control the light and the humidity that you want to invade in your place. You can either totally block the outside world or you can just a slight peep to it. In fact, if you will take the time to visit some of the newly buildings in your place, you will surely see that they are using plantation shutters. However, you should know that there are a number of options when it comes to them.

And so, if you are interested to know the different types of plantation shutters, check out below:

First is the hardwood type of plantation shutters. These types of shutters are usually made of Alder, Poplar or Cedar wood. They are highly recommended to homeowners being they are durable and they simply exude with aesthetic appeal. However, you should know in advance that they are also quite expensive being they are made of hard woods.

Then next is the basswood type of plantation shutters. The top three qualities of this type of plantation shutters are the fact that they are equipped with excellent staining properties, resistant to warping and amazing grain. And another good thing about basswood shutters is the fact that you can paint them with your preferred color. That means you can easily fit them to the existing fixtures of your place. But of course just like any other products, they have their share of drawbacks as well and some of them are the fact that they are not weather resistant, they are costly and they are easily susceptible to wear and tear.

The last type is the vinyl plantation shutters. If you think that those two types of plantation shutters are too expensive for you especially that most commodities these days are really inflating prices wise, then you can go for the vinyl type as they are more affordable. Since they are made of vinyl, they are not susceptible to wear and tear and the adverse effects of the changing weathers do not work on them. In fact, benefits wise, they are certainly on top compared to the other types of plantation shutters.  The only setback with them is they are not as visually appealing as them as well. And they also have limited choices.

Knowing the different types of plantation shutters, knowing their benefits and their drawbacks, you should be able to come up with a decision more favorable to your situation. If money is not a problem, then you can either go for the first two types. But if funds are limited, then the vinyl type should be the best for you.

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