Old School versus New School Photo Booth Hire Business

You may be thinking of venturing in to a business, something new, something that is currently hot and in demand. Considering of investing in to Photo Booth Hire business, and perhaps need more thinking which to invest into.

Comparing the pro and cons of both would help you decide where to put your money in.

Vintage Photo Booth Hire would entail the following:

  • These machines use films and liquid to develop the films
  • Produces the shots in between thirty seconds to three minutes
  • The lifespan of the photo shelf may reach a hundred years depending on the film
  • Photo size is one and a half by eight inches, in average
  • No reproduction, for the reason being that the photos are developed and not printed
  • Offers both Colored and Black & White

Digital Photo Booth Hire on the other hand entails the following:

  • Requires you to have a digital camera, a computer and a printer
  • Shots are ready in less than a minute
  • Lifespan of photo shelf has no determined digit
  • Produces two by six inches, average photo size
  • Reproduction of photos is limitless, can be multiple depends on number of prints requested
  • Offers both Colored and Black & White

Vintage Photo Booth Hire machines involve maintenance of multiple moving parts; that may obviously lead to replacements. These parts are involved in the entire process of capturing and producing the picture or pictures. These said parts are the camera assembly which is a given, the spider arm, the capacitors, the regulator board, the transmission assembly and the stepper motor. Production process involves chemicals to release the pictures that were taken; such as clearing powder, bleach concentrate, toner concentrate, developer, powder, paper developer, and a developer booster which is a chemical used in most of these booths.

Should you be interested in investing in such a vintage photo booth machine, in this Photo Booth Hire business, you may want to invest in photo booth supplies by bulk and ahead of time, as these said supplies are not always available or not always on hand.

The following stated, should at least give you a gist of what to expect in such an investment. Yes, it is a given fact, that this photo booth hire Melbourne would draw attention from clients, most especially those who wants a one of a kind feel or experience in their events and happenings.