Line marking Paint, Powder and Tapes

Line markings are popular because they can be used in many things, they produce marked on any surfaces. But remember that there are different kinds of line markings, which are applied to a specific surface, so before using the line marking you should know if it is appropriate for the surface.

Line marking paint is used, in order to produce markings on any of the sport fields, because it can be used on grass and on any other kind of hard surfaces where putting markings are required. And one more reason why it is usually used in sports field is because this serves as a boundary to players to guide them where the off limits are and to know whether the point is counted or not. Other areas where line marking paint can be used, it can be applied in any courts like basketball and tennis; it can also be applied in any car parks.


As I said, line markings can be produced in different ways; it can be produced by using powder or by using paint. Both methods bring advantages and disadvantages, it doesn’t mean that both methods can be used in same surface, the first method might be good for that surface while the other method is not, or it can be the other way around.

The line marking that is made from powder may cost a little bit of money than the line marking that is made from liquid paint. You’ll be the one who’ll decide the amount of water that will be mixed into the powder, but you have to make sure that your water is exactly measured, when measuring water it depends on the condition of the surface. Another thing about line marking paint, it can be also used as a dry powder which is better to use in real muddy surface. Click here to find out more about this service.

The other method which is a line marking that is made out from paint; this method is easier to use because it can be applied easily without creating a mess, and most of the line marking paints can come in ready mixed. It would be better to choose a paint that contains glyphosate because glyphosatehelps to put an end on the growth of the grass and it can also help in making the line last longer. Another kind of line marking paint is the concentrated line marking paint; the water in this paint is removed, making it weigh less and making its volume lower than the non-concentrated paint.

But if you want something that is permanent, you can use permanent line marking tapes. Not like other line markings that can fade easily, the line marking tapes can’t be washed away easily even if it is suffering from an extreme weather condition. It is usually used on the road, the advantage of using this is that, when the night comes this would serve as a guide to the drivers who are still driving; it would help them reach their destination without being in an accident.