Items that removals cannot transport

Moving into a bigger location such as a new office or a bigger home is indeed an exciting enterprise that a family or a group can experience. CML Removals will gladly assist people in their moving from the appliances in the kitchen down to the file cabinets. However, it should be noted that there are some items that removals will not be able to accommodate and with very good reason. There are three general classifications of items that removals will not allow to be included in their moving services and would be better left transported with the owners themselves.

Perishable items

Removals certainly will not allow perishable items to be transported, especially if these are known to be food items. The duration of the travel may be a cause for the items to spoil due to non-refrigeration or will be damaged due to the incessant movements inside the moving trucks during the travel. Moving companies would highly encourage their clients to have their food removed from the refrigerator or freezer and have it stored temporarily in an ice chest which can help in not only preserving the food but also keeping them damage free from the ice that covers the extra spaces.

Plants and Animals

Another exclusion in the list of the items that removalist can transport are plants and animals. Plants are very likely to suffer damage from being moved around and will be better off traveling with the owners to their new space. Animals such as pets will experience stress and will become a problem not only for the movers but also for the animal and its owners. No matter the size or breed of the pet, be it a tiny hamster or a large dog, the soothing, calming presence of a family member it is close to will be very helpful in lessening its stress during the move.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials occupy the top spot in the items that removals are forbidden to move for the reason of safety. These items include those under the flammable, explosive and even poisonous materials. These items, usually in the form of sprays such as hair sprays, deodorants and even paint, are not allowed in the moving truck because the heat will make these items react to it very badly as the temperature will rise to as much as over a hundred degrees. These are better off transported in vehicle with a controlled temperature.