IPL treatment verses laser treatment

IPL which can also be referred to as intense pulsed light is a treatment of spa that is popular. It is best known for its ability in the treatment of conditions such as broken capillaries and also hyper pigmentation that is caused by damage of the sun. it also helps in the stimulation of production of collagen that plumps the skin up and then gives a person a look that is fresh. The best candidate for an IPL treatment is one who has a light skin and has been damaged by the sun, has broken capillaries, someone who has some laxity or even lacks firmness and want to treat these conditions. At times, people refer to intense pulsed light as a photo facial. IPL is not usually the same as laser. Actually people have never come to understand the difference that is there between laser and IPL.

Treatment of IPL is usually not that effective as compared to that of laser. This is because IPL usually have a penetration that is very shallow as compared to that of laser, hence making IPL treatment to hairs that are deeper and thicker not effective. Besides, the surrounding tissue can absorb some of the light which results to heating of a pigment that is in the skin. And this gives the reason why it is more risky to use IPL for treating a skin that is darker, a darker skin burns.

Laser machines normally create a lot of heat that is directed to the follicle of the hair as compared to IPL, hence laser treatment usually have results that are better compared to IPL treatment. There is usually a very low risk of burning on the skin if someone uses laser treatment for the hair; this is so because heat is usually absorbed by the follicle of the hair and not the skin. If you have a darker skin or you have friend who have darker skins and yet they use IPL treatment for their hair, you should advise them to use laser treatment instead because it is the safer option for skins that are dark (it does not cause burns).

Though laser treatments are more expensive as compared to IPL treatments, its effects are a lot more prominent as compared to IPL. IPL’s usually having a place that is important for them when it comes to treatment of the skin. Non-specific nature of the Intense Pulsed Light is the one that makes treatment very effective when targeting problems of the skin like superficial pigmentation and also fine blood vessels.

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