Importance of Patents and Trademarks

A patent gives you proprietary rights over your invention that debars others from manufacturing, selling or using it any manner that infringes or contravenes the stipulations mentioned in the grant. Trademarks, on the other hand are phrases, logos, and emblems used by manufacturers, suppliers, and merchants to indicate their sources and delineate them from other goods and services. Patent trademark attorneys help their clients with filing registrations for trademarks and patents and for prosecution procedures as well.

Patents in detail

A patent once granted, gives you exclusive rights over your invention which could be a piece of equipment or appliance or an ingenious process or methodology that has the potential to open the commercial floodgates for you. You’re granted the patent by the government and you can take an individual or institution to court for its infringement.

In lieu of your patent rights, you must give details about your purported invention in the patent application that’ll be published by the relevant authorities in the journals and newspapers. The specifications of the patent, therefore, clearly portray the invention and outline the range of protection certified to the same.

There is one aspect though that you must carefully review before you can submit a patent registration application. Your invention must be a pioneering one and that nobody should have, on an earlier occasion or occasions, filed a patent application for an invention or inventive process that is identical or similar to yours.

Or else, your application will be declared null and void. You should hire a patent and trademark lawyer  who can help you out at every stage of the process from filing to the actual grant of the patent.