Ideal Locations for a Wedding Ceremony

Nothing can beat a waterfront wedding with the waves gently rolling in and the clear blue skies above. A beach can offer the perfect natural setting if you prefer taking your nuptial vows with the natural elements as your witnesses. But since the weather can play spoilsport, carefully weigh the options. You can always choose a sea-facing restaurant, houseboat, hydrofoil or a dockyard bistro.

Historic structures

Exchanging wedding vows amidst a historical setting has its own unique appeal that modern day wedding venues cannot match. These days, local and municipal authorities let out administrative buildings like town halls and museums for wedding ceremonies. These locations make for perfect photo-ops. You can land a bargain deal as most such addresses offer hefty discounts. Its recommended for you to have wedding photographers Brisbane to capture every moment on the wedding.


This again is a good choice if you’re on a tight budget. The typical setting of a park with trees, shrubs and blossoming plants can add a natural and captivating touch to your marriage. But you’d also have to factor in the aspect of weather that can turn inclement.

Golf courses

How about a setting with miles and miles of rolling green lawns hemmed in by hills all around and a tranquil lake in the middle of it all? Yes, a golf course can be an impeccable outdoor setting for your nuptial. Since the prime golf courses are situated far out of town, you’ll have to make elaborate arrangements with all other aspects so that everything passes off without glitches or hitches.

Again you should hire professional photographers to capture every special moments during your wedding day.

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