How to Present the Kids Room to Prospective Home Buyers

When you are presenting your children’s room to a potential buyer it is important to cover parts of the walls that have peeling paint or those that are damaged by decor and posters. This will help give a better view of the room on the whole. Peeling paint and severely damaged walls may result in interested buyers turning the property down.

Make sure the room is clean

Keeping your children’s things tidy when a potential buyer and real estate agent comes to see the house is one thing. But on the other hand it is also important to make sure that the room is cleaned. Run a vacuum once you tidy it up to make sure it is dirt free. After all, presentation is an important aspect when it comes to finalizing real estate deals.

It is important to pay attention to the children’s bedrooms, as well. Tidy up the beds and the other pieces of furniture in the rooms. Stack up the games, toys and books into appropriate storage boxes. It is advisable to take down posters and remove graffiti from the walls.


Cover damaged floor parts

Children end up playing rough games in their rooms that sometimes result in wall and floor damage. If you don’t want to spend money fixing it because you are anyway planning to sell the house, you may as well try to cover damaged spots or stained spots on the floor with a plain carpet or rug.

This shouldn’t be construed as intentionally hiding something from a potential buyer. In most cases when a real estate deal is close to being finalized the buyer will have the entire property checked. Minor floor damages are not considered serious problems. However, when you hire real estate agents, make sure your home is presentable.

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