How To Pack Light As A Video Pro?

So you need to travel to another country to shoot a video. It would be impossible for you to take your entire equipment. So how can you pack smart and light so that you can have everything you need without tons of accessories?

Here is what you need to make sure that your video production will go as planned and spare your back at the same time.

Camera & Lenses

Among the top option you have the Sony a7S, Canon C300, Canon 5D Mark III or the C100. These are high-quality cameras that are fit for any shooting. When it comes to prime lens, a set of four will do the trick. You can choose the 24, 35, 50 and 85 mm kit from Zeiss CP.2 or Rokinons. You will need only two zoom lenses, such as the Canon EF 24-105 mm or the Canon EF 70-200 mm.

Spare Camera Batteries

Especially if you are going in the middle of nowhere, you will definitely need spare camera batteries. You also have to take plenty of spare chargers. Before you pack your stuff do a search and see what outlet style and wattage you need at your destination.


If you take interviews you will also need lavalieres. Three sets of transmitters and receivers, such as the Sennheiser Lavs will be enough.

Video tripod

For any video production, you need a tripod. The Sachtler Ace comes in a travel-friendly size. Make sure that all the baseplates are seamless. This will make it easier to move fast between each support system.

Small Slider

You can choose the Duzi Slider, which although does not offer a ton of range, it is compact and super lightweight. It will offer a little clean movement in your shots, which would be enough for a high-quality video production.


The Variable ND Tiffen will save you space and time. You can throw in your bag a Polarizer and some step-up rings so that you can sync all the lens’ diameters to the same size.

Carry-On Bag

The LowePro Roller x200 is a roller board camera bag which perfectly fits in the overhead space. It will save you time and space and will prevent you from sending expensive gear to the bottom of the plane. You will also need a large bag such as the Tenba, which does not call attention to itself and offers great protection. In a shooting bag, you can carry cards, lenses, filters and spare batteries.

Other accessories

Don’t forget about the spare batteries, a roll of gaff tape, GOrillaPoda, clamps, Allen and flat head wrenches toolkit. All these fit in the checked bag.


You definitely need a laptop with all the needed software already installed. Incase Wi-Fi is a must, especially if you don’t have an internet connection where you are shooting.

These would be the basic gear that you would need for top quality video production when you travel abroad. These all depends on your needs and the type of video you are shooting.

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